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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America 2006 National Specialty

Rohnert Park, CA
Dogs, Thursday November 2, 2006

Judge: Peggy Kessler
WD Kinion Woodbine Cary Grant Breeder: Janet Summer
Owner: Carrie Hale & Elizabeth Sessions
RWD Tallyrand High Five Breeder: Joseph & Lois Zelenski
Owner: Bonnie Downing, Kristen Francis & Lois Zelenski
Class 6-9 month puppy dogs
Entered 18 Absent 3
1st Name: Woodbine Rolls Royce
Sire: Ch. Woodbine Flashy Alibi Dam: Cariadh Woodbine All About Me
Breeder: Elizabeth Sessions Owner: Elizabeth Sessions
2nd Name: Coalbyn's Irish Red King
Sire: Ch. Coalbyn-Mylkwood Black Hawk Dam: Coalbyn's Irish Lace
Breeder: Jean York Owner: Jean York
3rd Name: Maplecreek Back In Black
Sire: Maplecreek Beach Bum Dam: Aurora Bellissima
Breeder: Mindy Holmes Owner: Lester Veik & Ginger Veik
4th Name: Rosewood Mariner
Sire: Ch. Rosewood Yankee Clipper Dam: Applecor Evenstar of Rosewood
Breeder: Liisa Coit & LaFrenda Fitzgerald Owner: Liisa Coit
Class 9-12 month puppy dogs
Entered 6 Absent 0
1st Name: Nebriowa Now or Never
Sire: Ch. Pemcader Belroyd Zodiac Dam: Nebriowa Patience
Breeder: Joan Scott & Thomas Mathiesen Owner: Sharon Berry
2nd Name: Faerie Glen Larchmont Great Hit
Sire: Ch. Faerie Glen Ben Robba Dam: Ch. Faerie Glen Albanee
Breeder: Lunda Munoz & Joyce Gotschall Owner: Ann Marie Buonanno & Vicki Buonanno
3rd Name: Nebriowa Full of Charm
Sire: Ch. Pemcader Belroyd Zodiac Dam: Ch. Shanteroo Pixie Dust
Breeder: Thomas Mathiesen Owner: Elaine & Theodore Olsen
4th Name: Rowleston Broadband
Sire: Ch. Pemcader Belroyd Zodiac Dam: Nubridge I Am Everything
Breeder: Patricia & Chuck Rowles & Carol & Len Hoare Owner: Julie Matney & Ron Matney
Class 12-18 month junior dogs
Entered 10 Absent 1
1st Name: Wanderpond Cooperstown
Sire: Ch. Foxlore Shafrhaus Sammy Sosa Dam: Ch. Wanderpond Dancin CheekTCheek
Breeder: Reggie Gausman & Gay Gausman & Charles Kruger DVM Owner: R & G Gausman, C Kruger DVM, L Sawyer
2nd Name: Stillplanet JP Bangard Samurai
Sire: Ch. Vanguard Diego Dam: Ch. Stillplanet JP Substantial Day
Breeder: Jun Sekino Owner: Jun Sekino & Mariko Sekino
3rd Name: Drifan King of the Road
Sire: Ch. Rosewood Yankee Clipper Dam: Sua Mah Many Happy Returns
Breeder: Vicki & Mark Northway, Kathy Daniel Owner: Mark and Vicki Northway
4th Name: Kinion Stuart Little
Sire: Ch. Maplecreek Silver Spoon Dam: Ch. Kinion Woodbine Birdsong
Breeder: Janet Summer & Tana McGonagle Owner: John and Janet Summer
Class Bred by exhibitor dogs
Entered 15 Absent 3
1st Name: Sandfox Medaglia D' Oro
Sire: Ch. Byendbrok Maplecreek Baccarat Dam: Ch. Sandfox Set Me Free
Breeder: Vicki Sandage Owner: B. Stiles, P Bittles, S Klar & V Sandage
2nd Name: Marlmont's Navigator
Sire: Ch. Caamora Dantoni At Pinemeade Dam: Ch. Marlmont's Prime Meridian
Breeder: DF Castelanelli & JL Quam Owner: DF Castelanelli & JL Quam
3rd Name: Wildfire's Cattle Rustler
Sire: Ch. Larchmonts Jafar Dam: LS Wildfire's Irish Cream
Breeder: Keslinn & Kendra Kohfeld-Stout Owner: Keslinn & Kendra Kohfeld-Stout
4th Name: Cariadh Bow Ty
Sire: Ch. Cariadh Man About Town Dam: Tams Extravance
Breeder: Patsy Smith Owner: Patsy Smith
Class American bred dogs
Entered 5 Absent 0
1st Name: Coventry Cooper
Sire: Ch. Dwynella Royale Footman Dam: Ch. Coventry Wicket
Breeder: Steve Leyerly, Beckie Williasm DVM, Bill Shelton Owner: Deborah Salow & Kevin Foist
2nd Name: Tamera's Convincing Conquest
Sire: Ch. Faerie Glen The Saint Dam: Tamera's Nevadian
Breeder: Tamera Cohoon-Reist Owner: Tamera Cohoon-Reist
3rd Name: Sandyshire Philosopher
Sire: Ch. Sandyshire's The Phantom Dam: Ch. Aberlee Summer Flight
Breeder: Patricia L Sandy-Smith Owner: Bjorn Lamborn & Patricia L Sandy-Smith
4th Name: Knightsbridge He's A Right Guy
Sire: Ch. Foxlor Shafrhaus Sammy Sosa Dam: Belroyd Ladybird
Breeder: Robert Nesbitt & Thomas Mathiesen Owner: Laurie A. Glen
Class Open dogs
Entered 17 Absent 2
1st Name: Kinion Woodbine Cary Grant
Sire: Ch. Colburn Oh For Heaven Sake Dam: Woodbine Almandine
Breeder: Janet Summer Owner: Carrie Hale & Elizabeth Sessions
2nd Name: Tallyrand High Five
Sire: Ch. Alberlee Bransby Dam: Tallyrand Devoted to You
Breeder: Joseph & Lois Zelenski Owner: Bonnie Downing, Kristen Francis & Lois Zelenski
3rd Name: Redclyffe Perfect Harmony
Sire: Ch. Redclyffe Radiant Sunset Dam: Caberat of Chryndom
Breeder: Joan Maski Owner: Joan Maski
4th Name: Poldamerik Time and Again
Sire: Dreamaker At Poldamerik Dam: Karsize State Secret at Poldamerik
Breeder: Pauline Hawke Owner: Larry Adams & David Guempel

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